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SmartRest SpydaBot - VENOM

by SmartRest
$ 1599.00 AUD

SmartRest SpydaBot - VENOM

by SmartRest

The SpydaBot VENOM is a wireless remote controlled robotic Gimbal mounted on six magnetic legs that magnetise to a metal surface. The application of this set up is usually on a vehicle bonnet or turret of a vehicle where the passengers of the vehicle can control a thermal camera from inside the vehicle. The thermal camera outputs a wireless image to a smart screen inside the vehicle for the passengers to view. The magnetic feet have been arranged in a wide foot print around the central unit to ensure excellent adherence to the vehicle even in intensely rough conditions.    


The SpydaBot is used for:

  • Scanning with thermal camera from a vehicle
  • Scanning with a light from a vehicle
  • Pest control uses
  • Livestock monitoring
  • Security


  • Scanning from vehicle
  • Easy mounting technique makes it fast to mount and remove
  • All passengers in the vehicle can view the screen
  • Quick release system so the thermal camera can be easily removed and used on a wide range of SmartRest units
  • Long lasting batteries

The Venom model includes:

1 x Pan and tilt Intelligent Dual Axis Stabilizer Gimbal (Technical features listed below) (includes wiring for chargers)

1 x Hand Held touch screen remote control

1 x Arca to Pic Rail clamp (SRAPA) + Pic rail for thermal (SRTWR)

1 x Aluminium mounting base with 6 x steel legs (Upgraded Base)

6 x Magnetic feet with rubber grommet dampeners and silicone protective covers  

1 x Evolution Gear Carry Case with custom cut foam insert 

Technical Features:

Unit Weight - 2.9kg
Payload capacity - 3kg - Supports all kinds of DSLR and part of cinema cameras. 
Made of Aviation Aluminum-alloy, strong in construct and light in weight.
Remote control with oversized touch screen can set up all the shooting parameter. With 15 meters control distance, You can monitor and check all working status from a distance.
Powerful Remote control to control with auto rotation for adjustable speed 360 degree auto scan.
Integrated quick release battery *1,2200mah, 14.8V, 32.56Wh
Remote Control: 18650 rechargeable*1,2200mah, 3.7V, 8.14Wh
5 .5hours for consistent working, 8 hours for standby .
Gimbal: Charge the battery with USB2.0 to USB C cable (supplied). 2hrs to fully charge (DO NOT QUICK CHARGE).Three green light indicators will all glow when fully charged.
Remote Control: Charge the remote with USB2.0 to Micro USB cable (supplied). 50min full charge (DO NOT QUICK CHARGE).



3 kg
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