SmartRest Lone Shooter - Base Model No light

by SmartRest
Model: SRLS-B
$ 452.14 AUD

SmartRest Lone Shooter - Base Model No light

by SmartRest

The Lone Shooter (BASE MODEL) is a combination of Gun Rest and Spotlight Mount (no spotlight included).

SmartRest and Powabeam combine to make up this kit. You can select a spotlight to add to this from our Powa Beam Spotlight Range or the torch range as well which is also adaptable to this kit. (Note: We have a quick release adapter kit that can convert the remote to a quick release system for thermals and spotlights - code: SRQRA)   

The Lone Shooter Kit is designed for scanning and shooting from a vehicle door which can be done by one person. Whilst the gun rest (Racken Rest II) carries the firearm in a safe and ready position, the spotlight mount also carries the light or thermal (or both simultaneously - see Dual QR Mount) in a desired position to allow for scanning whilst on the move. 

The Lone Shooter kit Base Model includes:

1 x Racken Rest II - SRRRLII (Long or Short - SmartRest brand)

1 x Light Bracket Adapter - SRSMB (SmartRest brand - we also offer a "deluxe" Model see SRSMB)

1 x Remote Bracket - SR310 (SmartRest brand) 

1 x Remote - RC220 (PowaBeam brand)

Note 1: to add a spotlight to this you do not require any additional parts (unless you wish to create a quick release option in which case you will need part: SRQRA)

Note 2: To add a thermal atop the remote - you will need two parts: SRWC + SRTWR. 


1 x Racken Rest II - SRRRLII (SmartRest Brand)

1 x Light Bracket Adapter - SRSMB (Deluxe - adjustable - quick remove)

1 x Remote Bracket - RC310 (PowaBeam)

1 x Remote - RC500 (PowaBeam)

1 x Quick Release Clamp - SRWC (for quick release option)

Note 1: For thermal and spotlight quick release you will need part: SRTWR (sold separately)

Note 2: For thermal only, part (SRHPCM) is another rail option which offers 50mm extra height if required.  

Refer to the images for reference of parts Included. 



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