Powa Beam 9" Spotlight 250W

by PowaBeam
Model: PLPRO-9-250
$ 700.00 AUD

Powa Beam 9" Spotlight 250W

by PowaBeam

The PRO250 is a 24v 250w Quarts Halogen with a 12v-24v Step up converter. 

This Spotlight will provide you with a wider beam pattern then our 12v 100w range.   

It is fitted with four large black washers that reinforce the housing,  making this Searchlight ideal for harsh terrain, being able to withstand excessive vibrations.

NOTE: These lights are fitted with a 50A Anderson style connector plug for a safer, more secure connection. If you modify this connection and short out your electronics you will not be covered by warranty. A minimum of 6mm wire must be used between your battery and existing plug for your light to work correctly.

Adjustable Focus System

These spotlights are fitted with adjustable-focused reflector that makes focusing your beam so much easier. You take the case off, unscrew the lock ring, and spin your reflector until you see the beam you want. Once you have that beam set, simply screw the lock ring back on, put it back in the case and you're set to go. No longer will you need to remove the glass and risk damaging your reflector.

  • Australian Made
  • Searchlight fitted with a bracket for use with remote control system
  • Quartz halogen model
  • 245mm diameter reflector
  • 24v 250w Globe
  • All parts are replaceable
  • All alloy construction with quality steel toggle switch
  • Hand focused for maximum performance
  • Weight: 1355g
  • UPC: 610696 087690

Kit Includes:

  • 3m cable & electrical connector
  • 1.5m 6mm cable with Anderson style plug connection
  • 50Amp Fuse
  • Maxi Fuse Holder
  • 12v-24v Step up Converter
  • 20amp Switch

Spare Parts:

All components are completely replaceable, quote relevent part numbers to your nearest Powa Beam stockist.

24v 250w  globe PN1/64657
245mm glass lens (3mm) PN231
Plain reflector PN330
Steel Toggle switch PN510
Spotlight case Black PN731
Steel bracket for PRO-9 PN832
Ceramic globe holder PN870
Reflector retaining ring PN631
PRO-9 washer set PN860
12v-24v Step up Converter  PN950
50 amp Fuse PN857
Maxi Fuse Holder PN858


  • On Standby this Light will draw approx 100mA, we suggest using a 25amp Isolation Switch 
  • In use this Light will draw Approx 22amp from the battery to the converter & Approx 10amp from the convertor to the spotlight. 


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