Power Bank Phone & Thermal Adapter Kit

by SmartRest
Model: PBPM+TA
$ 110.00 AUD

Power Bank Phone & Thermal Adapter Kit

by SmartRest

Pistol Grip power bank phone mount attachment + a Thermal Quick Release adapter clamp. Fits on to the Power Bank. Comes with screws. If you have bought this power bank for the Venom and want to convert the power bank to pistol grip thermal and phone holder then this is the kit you need.  

Parts Included: 

1 x set of phone adapter part with tube mount and phone holder clamp. 

1 x quick release adapter clamp which sits on top of the handle (comes with screws included).

The phone attachment parts supplied will simply attach the L Bracket that is standard issue in the Power Bank.

The Thermal adapter clamp will simply screw directly into the top of the pistol grip ports.  



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