Racken Spotlight Bracket

by SmartRest
Model: SRSMB
$ 27.95 AUD

Racken Spotlight Bracket

by SmartRest

The Spotlight Mount Bracket is an adapter designed to connect a remote controlled window mounted spotlight to the Racken Rest gun rest model. The Bracket adapts from Racken Rest to either remote bracket options (RC310 or SR310). 

The bracket adapter comes in two models:

Standard: Simple flat bar system, bolts on to the Racken Rest back plate. Features multiple drilled holes for easy bolt on fitting (all fasteners are included).

Deluxe: A more complex and adjustable system. Gives multiple mounting options to create more height, girth and angle adjustment. It is a more rigid design while making the light mount system quick and easy to detach. (Note, this system requires a DIY 8mm hole to be drilled in the back plate of the Racken Rest)  

Both models are ambidextrous. 

The Mount Bracket connects the Racken Rest and the SR310 together. See diagram for more info or contact us for technical support. 


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