Model: SRLM1+FGK
$ 228.00 AUD

Scanner Mount Kit for Quad Bike

by SmartRest Light Mounts

The Scanner Mount Kit for Quad Bikes also fits on the back of a ute or buggy. This mount features:

- An adjustable height post

- A 360 degree rotation capability with up and down tilt

- Dual pivot points to give maximum scan range

- It can be mounted to stand up right but can also be laid down horizontally with an extra "Horizontal Arm" if required.

- Quick release Pic Rail clamp system, making it quick to remove but also adaptable to all our mounts we make for thermals and lights.

- Phone clamp for viewing the thermal image on your phone. 

- Quick removal to go on foot quickly if needed

This kit includes:

1 x Pistol Grip with pic clamp on top and pic rail on the bottom

1 x phone mount

1 x Thermal Pic Rail - SRTWR

1 x Light/thermal Mount - SRLM1


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