SmartRest Quad Rest II Gun Rack

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SmartRest Quad Rest II Gun Rack


The Quad Rest II is a steel framed Gun Rest and Cradle system that stores a firearm in a safe position while travelling and acts as a stable rifle support for excellent accuracy while taking a shot.  

Main Design Features:

Note: In the video you may notice some flex in the rest while on the move. The "flex" helps to neutralize some of the fine vibration from the engine and is not detrimental to the use of this product. However, if you desire a more rigid storage option, you may purchase the tie down strap we have listed on this site: Yellow Strap - SRYRS. 

The Cradle - acts as a safe storage unit while it is compressed and locked down. It also doubles as a two point support cradle to help the shooter hold on zero while taking aim, ultimately delivering an excellent controlled and accurate shot.

The Strut Assist Lift - allows the operator to lift the cradle up into a shooting position, and also acts as a stabilizer to hold the popped up frame. 

Swivels and Range of Motion: When the rest is in the raised position it supports the rifle to take accurate shots. The cradle is mounted on a "Double Swivel Mount" which is a steel arm that pivots in two locations - now comes in new and extended length providing a larger and smoother arc for better range of motion (compared to the original). The reason for this design is to provide excellent range from a stationary position. Meaning the shooter can remain standing or seated in one location and still enjoy an excellent range of motion (or aiming range). 

Slide Lock Plate - the latest model utilizes a 4 point of contact locking plate. It is slid into position to lock up the cradle and then slid out to unlock. The plate is made of stainless steel.     

Mounting Clamps and Options - the standard issue clamp is a two part clamp. It closes up on to square and round pipes from 17mm to 45mm. If the Quad Bike has no bars or pipes to mount on, you can either adapt a ply board to the front tray area in order to mount the Quad Rest standard base plate to it, or use the mounting plate as a platform to mount on to. If the pipe or bar is larger than 45mm a Mounting Plate with U Bolts is required. The Mounting plate comes in two size options. See SmartRest - Mounting Plate for more information. (For more mounting information or queries call us on 02 9773 6874 or email us) 

More Details:

This Gun Rest model is the second model released which is also known as Quad Rest II and or the Roll Bar Rest II, which are part of the Off Road Gun Rest Series by SmartRest - the Australian Gun Rest Brand. This model fits on Quad Bikes, UTVs and Utes/pickups. 

The Off Road Gun Rest Series range consists of gun rests for:

- Quad Bikes - Mainly used on the front of a quad bike

- UTVs or ATVs (also known as Side-by-Side or Buggy) - Mainly used on the back tray roll bar section while standing, but can be used on any type of bar or pipe.

- Utes or Pick Ups - mounted on the roll bar or also known as sports bar of a ute or pick up. 

For video demonstrations and reviews go to Eagleye Hunting Gear YouTube channel. 


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