EagleyeHG Innovation Offer

Hello inventors, Eagleye is offering an opportunity for inventors with great ideas that need an experienced company to develop a great concept and commercialize it into an international sensation. As inventors, designers and distributors of international best-selling products such as MaXbox, MaXbox Door Pro, SmartRest, Blackbelt, Frog Skins,and more we are specialists in:

  •        Research and development
  •        Product design
  •        Engineering
  •        Manufacturing
  •        Import and Export
  •        Warehousing
  •        Freight
  •        Marketing designs
  •        Marketing Strategies
  •        Sales and Shipping

We have a great relationship with the industries mainstream retailers and have developed a great reputation as the Innovative Company.

So if you have a good idea, concept or a prototype which you would like to see become a global success, please contact Michael on michael@eagleyehg.com

Info that may help with your enquiry (please note this is not compulsory but may help our progress): 

* Your name

* Contact details and mailing address

* Express your interests that you would like Eagleye to help design and develop an idea or prototype you may have 

* Do you have a prototype?

* Do you have a patent on your design?

Please note: Your design/idea is safe with us and confidentiality is guaranteed. However disclosure of your idea/design is not necessary at this stage. Once you express your interests in Eagleye's product development services we will arrange a meeting either by phone or in person where we will discuss in detail how we will progress with your design/idea.