Dave Fent MaXbox and Door Pro Testimonial

Testimonial by Dave Fent; Producer, Director and Host of Aussie Hunting Adventures TV.


I first saw the MaXbox and Door Pro in my local gun shop and thought, what a great idea. Being an Australian Product from an Australian Company added a few bonus points to the products. They are simple ideas, yet extremely effective products. A short time later, the AHA Crew and I attended the Melbourne Shot Expo 2013, where I was fortunate enough to meet Steven and Michael Abdennour, Directors from Eagleye Hunting Gear, the Brother Team behind the MaXbox and Door Pro inventions.

I was impressed with the design, the integrated magnetic system and the concept from the first time I saw the MaXbox and Door Pro. The concept of a magnet rifle rests is just what Australia needed and the international market for that matter.

As a promoter of our Sporting and Hunting disciplines, it is imperative that we hit the target; that is exactly what Eagleye Hunting Gear has done here, “Hit the Target”. They are a great tool for new comers to the sport, helping them to gain confidence and ensuring the one shot humane harvesting of game and the eradication of feral introduced species. They are also a great tool for the seasoned hunter, spot lighters and professional hunters, ensuring the perfect shot placement every time.

I had the pleasure of hunting with Steven and Michael on a recent filming Adventure for Aussie Hunting Adventures TV, where the Eagleye Team showed us exactly how to use the MaXbox and Door Pro in the Field. I was impressed with the ability of the MaXbox and how Steve and Michael used it in the field with ease. Due to its light and durable construction, it certainly did not hamper their efforts in conquering the mountains of Central NSW's goat country.

I would have to say that the MaXbox and the Door Pro are great tools for any Hunter and Sporting Shooter, promoting an accurate and steady shot, both at the range and in the field.

I am proud to be an ambassador for the Eagleye Hunting Gear Brand and endorse the MaXbox and Door Pro.

Dave Fent

Aussie Hunting Adventures TV


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