SmartRest Quad Rest

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Product Description

The Quad Rest is a gun rest designed to mount to quad bikes, ATV’s, and SUV roll bars/bull bars. The rest is capable of holding a rifle in place keeping the rifle firmly fixed in place unassisted even while driving the vehicle. The rest lifts from a compressed position to a propped up rest that returns back to the shooter. The double pivoting design allows the shooter to stay in a seated position and rotate the rest from the shooter as center of axis, meaning the range a shooter can get from a seated position is great. The rest gives a shooter consistent accuracy. It has a swiveling capability for lateral and vertical movement. The tension controlled vertical and horizontal 360 degree swiveling action will impress all shooters. The arms are also telescopically adjustable for height and length.

Notes: for stable travel support ensure all bolts and screws are tight. Ensure your rubber straps are applied properly


The Quad Rest Mount is used for accurate shooting while:

  • Shooting from a Quad Bike
  • Shooting from the back of a ute while mounted on the roll bar/ bull bars or ATV's

Advantages of the Quad Rest:

  • Shooting accurately from vehicle: Less energy used to eradicate pests
  • Speed and accuracy: The ability to lift the rest and pivot it makes it quick and easy to use. Also the ability to swing in many positions eliminates the need for the shooter to constantly readjust the vehicle if the animal moves from its position
  • Packed storage position saves space on the tray of your quad or vehicle
  • Enhanced shooting positions: A shooter can easily shoot ambidextrous because of the great support provided by the design
  • Various mounting brackets for ute bars, quads and ATV’s
  • Consistent Accuracy saves ammunition and wasted time
  • Reduced or no recoil: The rest takes the impact of the rifle
  • Fast and smooth elevation adjustments are done while keeping sight on the acquired target
  • The structure being made predominantly of steel makes it heavy duty

Beware: Branches may snag on protruding parts on a vehicle. If you want to avoid damage on vehicles parts should be padded when mounted to vehicles. Extra mounting plates and U bolts are available. Inquiries regarding parts: