Outdoor Survival Water Filter Survivor Water Filters - Bottle

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Product Description

Survivor Water Filter & Bottle combo is a water bladder designed to collect water up to 600mls. With a filter straw attached, you can collect muddy dirty water from anywhere you can find it and be sure the water that comes through your filter will be safe to drink.  

On long treks we need water. Sometimes, we can not carry enough water for the trip we embark on, or, there simply is no clean or safe water source to collect from including overseas and foreign lands for travellers. The bottle/filter straw combination allows you to refill from any water source available. Even if the water is contaminated (not salty or sea water). Once you have collected water you can carry it for long distances with peace of mind that your straw filter is going to clean it perfectly ready for drinking. There is no need to boil the water, in plain description, this filter will clean feces in water and has been proven fit for drinking. The straw is capable of filtering 1500 litres of water. You will not get the rubbery taste from the bladder like some other bladders we have encountered.

The filter straw removes:

99.9999% of Eschecria Coli 

Vibrio Bacteria

Legionella Bactaeria



99.9% of the original cyst, Gardia, Cryptosporidium

Organic sediment, rust, suspended matter above 0.01 microns and heavy ions. (NOTE: Will not desalinate salty water)


Bottle: Can carry up to 600mls  

Filter Straw: Makes dirty water clean instantly but still has good flow