BlackBelts Rifle Ammo Belt

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Product Description

Rifle Ammo Belts - Store 52 rounds of ammo and "Never Run Out Of Ammo". Keep your ammo stored in a quick, convenient and secure place, while keeping them dead silent. Securing the ammo is a high grade long lasting quality elastic stitched strong onto the webbing. The belts wrap the waist and over the shoulders. BlackBelts ammo belts are equipped with metal vehicle seat belt grade push button buckles, intended to support excessive weight if used on the ute with the safety buckle. The Belts have been designed to cater for right and left hand shooters. The shoulder straps are equipped with a buckle located at the top that are specifically designed for the hands free Rifle Sling and Gun Saddle. 

The loops can hold rounds from: .204 up to .358